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Post Mounted Church Signs - Buy Post Signs For Churches

Introduction to Post Mounted Church Signs

As you drive around, you often encounter numerous signs. However, certain signs stand out, like the post mounted church signs. They are more than just informational markers – they’re beacons of community, faith, and fellowship.

What Are Post Mounted Church Signs?

Simply put, post mounted church signs are outdoor signage options specifically designed for churches, mounted on sturdy posts. They are durable and customisable, fitting the aesthetic and message of your congregation.

How Post Mounted Church Signs Impact Community Engagement

Your church sign is a silent communicator. It can be a tool for outreach, conveying messages of upcoming events or inspirational quotes that connect with the community.

Church Post Signs 11
All our Standard Post Church Signs include:
  • Post ready mounts on the rear
  • Solid aluminium (not cheaper aluminium composite)
  • Free colour proof and quote
  • High quality digitally printed graphics
  • Fixings and pre-drilled holes in signs if required
  • Optional anti-vandal lamination
  • Rounded corners to suit
All our signs are made from solid aluminium, and not the cheaper aluminium composite offered by other companies trying to reduce costs.
Church Post Signs 1
Church Post Sign 1
Church Post Signs 7
Church Post Sign 7
Church Post Signs 5
Church Post Sign 5
Church Post Signs 8
Church Post Sign 8
Church Post Signs 6
Church Post Sign 6
Church Post Signs 11
Church Post Sign 11

Step 1

Choose Your Shape

Design 1
Design 1
Design 4
Design 4
Design 7
Design 7
Design 2
Design 2
Design 5
Design 5
Design 8
Design 8
Design 3
Design 3
Design 6
Design 6
Design 9
Design 9

Step 2

Choose Your Colour

Step 3

Choose Your Size

Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Shaped or Flat Header?

Add Posts To Your Order

Post Length Price (Each)
1000mm £25.00
1500mm £37.50
2000mm £50.00
2500mm £62.50
3000mm £75.00
As standard all our posts are supplied painted grey. For colour matched posts add £50 per post
Post For Church Signs

Why Choose Post Mounted Church Signs?


One major advantage is visibility. Post mounted signs are elevated, capturing attention from a distance. It allows passers-by to recognize the church and understand its messages without any hindrance.


These signs are made to withstand various weather conditions. Using high-quality materials, they offer longevity and can be an excellent long-term investment for your church.


The variety of design options available in post mounted signs is a significant plus. From LED screens to changeable letters, they can be customized to reflect your church’s character.

Types of Post Mounted Church Signs

Changeable Letter Post Mounted Signs

For those who prefer a more traditional look, these signs offer a nostalgic charm. Despite their classic appeal, they offer flexibility as the letters can be rearranged to convey different messages.

Illuminated Post Mounted Signs

These signs have internal lighting, ensuring they are visible during both day and night. They provide a steady glow that can guide community members to your church.

LED Post Mounted Signs

LED signs are energy-efficient and provide bright, vibrant displays. They can be customized to display different messages, making them versatile for various announcements and schedules.

Designing Your Post Mounted Church Sign

Choosing the Right Size

Size matters! Your sign should be large enough to be seen from a distance but should also fit within your property’s aesthetic context.

Selecting Appropriate Colours

Colours should be chosen based on visibility and branding. It’s essential to maintain colour consistency with other church materials for a unified brand image.

The Importance of Message Clarity

The sign’s content should be clear, concise, and straightforward. The goal is to provide necessary information without overwhelming the viewer.

Installation Process for Post Mounted Church Signs

Installation involves several steps, from preparing the site to setting up the sign. It’s best to work with professionals to ensure a safe and secure installation.

Maintaining Your Post Mounted Church Signs

Routine maintenance will keep your sign looking its best. Cleaning, checking for damage, and updating the messages are all parts of a proper maintenance schedule.

The Costs Involved with Post Mounted Church Signs

Costs can vary widely based on size, type, and custom features. While there is an initial investment, remember that a good sign is a powerful communication tool that can increase engagement and membership.


Post mounted church signs are a compelling combination of tradition and modernity. They provide churches with an effective means of communicating with their communities, strengthening their presence, and fostering greater engagement. They are a testament to the enduring power of simple, clear, and effective communication in fostering community relationships.