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Premium Post Mounted Church Signs

Church Tray Panel Signs

So what’s the difference between our standard Church Signs and our Premium Church Signs? A tray sign is a panel of aluminium, that is folded on all sides to create a tray. They are a more stylish alternative to a regular flat sign and gives your Church Sign a 3D effect. The other benefit is that fitting them to a wall becomes easier without any of the fixings (such as screw heads) being visible.

Noticeboards Online are a leading supplier of Church Signs, Church Display Systems and Church Noticeboards. All of our products are weatherproof and built to last. They are all made in the UK and many have a 5 YEAR GUARANTEE!

Our signs are available to Churches, Diocese and Places of Worship and we cover the entire UK. Our installation team can also remove and responsibly dispose of your old sign or noticeboard.

Church Post Sign 1
Church Post Sign 4
Church Post Sign 4
Church Post Sign 1
Church Post Sign 1
Church Post Sign 10
Church Post Sign 10
Church Post Sign 12
Church Post Sign 12
Church Post Sign 4
Church Post Sign 4
Church Post Sign 3
Church Post Sign 3

With our Premium Post Church Signs, we can customise your product to your exact requirements. Any colour, any size and any logo. You can also choose from many post designs and post finials to add those finishing touches.

Our in-house art dept will design your sign and provide proofs so you can see precisely what you’ll be getting, and nothing is printed until you’ve approved it.

Church Sign Colours

Here is just a selection of our most popular colours, but you’re not limited to these colours. Our production team can create your church sign in any colour, or colour match it to your logo.

Post Options For Church Signs

Standard Posts
These include:

  • Round (50mm, 76mm, 89mm, 114mm, 140mm, 168mm)
  • Square (50x50mm, 75x75mm, 100x100mm)

These posts are available in either Grey, White or any RAL colour and are available in standard lengths of between 1000mm and 6000mm.

Shaped Posts
We have a comprehensive range of shaped posts including:

  • Triangular (100 x 88mm)
  • Octagonal (120 x 120mm)
  • Ellipse (165 x 40mm)
  • D- Shaped (75 x 75mm)
  • Cathedral (100 x 76mm)
  • Quadrant (76 x 76mm)
  • Round (76mm or 60mm Dia.)

Modular Posts
For use with any of our standard clips and fixings.

Post For Church Signs

Aluminium Post Finials For Church Signs

Ball Finials

Available in sizes
50mm – 168mm

Ball Finials

Available with a square base

Shaped Finials

Shaped designs

Bespoke Finials

Bespoke designs available

Post Caps For Church Signs

For that added touch, we can provide Post Caps in a variety of colours to match your new sign. Our post caps are designed to fit all standard and non-standard posts. All of our Caps are supplied in Black as standard but we also stock 76mm (round) caps to match our standard colours – it means you get the nearest possible match to your posts.

Additionally, and if budgets don’t quite stretch to finials , we can supply you with plastic Domed Caps (for round posts) to give a different finish. If you’re after a more specialised post profile, our preference is to supply you with metal end caps – we’ll powder coat them to match the rest of your system.